The Appeals Division serves as the Clerk of Court's Office for the State Civil Service Commission by helping the Commission hear and decide appeals. It receives appeals, maintains appeal files, schedules hearings, issues subpoenas, mails decisions, and compiles the appellate record if judicial review is sought. The Appeals Division also provides a staff of Referees who hear and decide cases for the Commission.

After the Commission or a Referee hears an appeal, a written decision is issued. If a Referee issues the decision, the employee and the agency have the right to ask the Commission to review the Referee's decision or to appeal the Referee's decision directly to the First Circuit Court of Appeal. If the Commission issues the decision, or takes action on an application for review, the employee and the agency have the right to appeal the Commission's decision to the First Circuit. Any party dissatisfied with the First Circuit's decision may ask the Louisiana Supreme Court to review the Court of Appeals' decision. The Louisiana Supreme Court, in its discretion, may or may not grant that request for review.

Legal Help

The Appeals Division is unable to provide legal help to appellants. If you cannot afford an attorney, you may qualify for free legal help. Refer to the following websites for information.

LA Law Help

LA State Bar Association

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The Appeals Division can handle most of your requests electronically. If you would like electronic delivery of your appeal documents, send us an email with your name and the docket number of your appeal to Your email address will be used only for SCS business purposes.

Receive our Decisions Electronically

This service provides a monthly memorandum listing the decisions rendered the previous month by the State Civil Service Commission and its Referees, which includes hyperlinks to the decisions themselves. It also provides an update memorandum regarding the status of decisions that were not final when they were initially reported. Subscribe to our Electronic Decision Notification System.

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