Compliance and Audit

The Compliance and Audit Division is responsible for providing an objective evaluation of the human resource practices used by state agencies to manage the classified work force. It assesses the effectiveness of those practices and the overall adherence to merit principles and compliance with State Civil Service Rules. It provides agencies with the results of their audits and recommends corrective action to the Director and State Civil Service Commission when unacceptable levels of non-compliance or abuse of authority are found.

State Civil Service Investigations

Chapter 16 of the State Civil Service Rules deals with State Civil Service investigations: their purpose, procedures for requesting an investigation, how and when they are docketed as Public Investigations, procedures for hearing them, and penalties that can be imposed as a result of them.

Any person who suspects there has been a violation of the State Civil Service Article X or a State Civil Service Rule may file a request for investigation with the Director of State Civil Service.

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