Learning, Performance, and Culture

The Learning, Performance, and Culture Division (formerly Talent Development) continues to support SCS's mission by providing award-winning instructional design of web-based and instructor-led training materials delivered through the Comprehensive Public Training Program. With the upcoming statewide implementation of an electronic performance management system, SCS is committed to providing as many resources to state agencies to allow for a seamless and efficient transition to the new system. LPC will be responsible for developing all resources dedicated to the new performance management system and any ongoing resource development needed.

Along with technical training, LPC continues to work on embedding competency knowledge and the state's competency model in training programs, allowing learners and leaders to communicate and benchmark in an objective and common language about learning, development, and performance. A natural extension of this work results in an additional focus for the LPC division to provide consultation and resources to state agencies as it relates to integrating diversity, equity and inclusivity into the state workforce and state agency’s mission and goals.

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Dana LeBherz | Learning, Performance, and Culture Administrator | dana.lebherz@la.gov
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