Training - 2015 Supervisory Group Core Courses

Civil Service Essentials for Supervisors - WBT

This course provides users with information about the history of Civil Service, the supervisory role within Civil Service, and the importance of political activity rules.

Common Myths That Affect Good Supervision - WBT

This course examines a number of harmful, common myths that exist in the state government workforce. The course deconstructs these myths, and offers specific management techniques to correct behavior resulting from these false beliefs.

Hiring and Retaining Top Talent - WBT

This course provides managers with tips for interviewing, on-boarding, and motivating employees.

Leave Management - WBT

This course outlines the supervisor’s rights and responsibilities in managing employee leave. The course covers various types of leave, outlining requirements and obligations for each.

Validating Employee Performance - WBT

This course provides managers with tips on how to objectively document workplace performance for their employees. It also discusses the appeals process and how a manager can best prepare himself/herself for this process.

2015 Supervisory Core Group Capstone Workshop (1 Day)


This course is the culmination of the 2015 Core Supervisory program. It is required to complete the 2015 Supervisory Core Program.

Learning objectives for this course include:
* Define critical job behaviors
* Create structured interviewing scripts
* Determine onboarding activities
* Practice motivational discussions
* Conduct counseling sessions
* Document disciplinary and performance issues

The Core Capstone Workshop requires participants to actively engage with each other in cooperative learning experiences. The course content includes discussions, simulations, and group activities. The Core Capstone Workshop assumes participants have not only taken course prerequisites, but are familiar with the material. For those participants who wish to review key content prior to the course, review materials can be downloaded by clicking the “Click here to print review materials” link in the Links to More Information section of the course information in LEO or from the Manuals tile on the Talent Development website. Participants also can repeat courses to review. CPTP recommends participants retake the web-based courses if there is a gap of more than 6 months between completing the prerequisite courses and the Core Capstone Workshop.

You are required to bring the course manual to class. You have the option of printing a manual, which can be found in the Links to More Information section of the course information in LEO or in the Manuals tile on the Talent Development website, OR using the on-line fillable manual from your computer, tablet, or smart phone during class.

NOTE: 2015 Supervisory Core, 2015 Supervisory Group 1, and 2015 Supervisory Group 2 Programs each have a capstone workshop. The capstone workshops are required to complete each program.