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The inaugural State Civil Service Workforce Summit provided a collaborative forum for state leaders and human resources professionals to explore solutions to critical workforce issues.

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Introduction to the DiSC Model

In this session, you got an overview of the DiSC model, a behavior assessment tool used to identify behavioral differences in people and how it can be used to improve communication and teamwork, while decreasing conflict in work teams. You reviewed the four different DiSC behavioral preference profiles, and gained some tips on how to recognize and interact with colleagues with different DiSC profiles.

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Onboarding case study: OBH

In this session, you heard about the steps OBH took to implement an onboarding (not orientation!) program for their new hires. Lauri Hatlelid, who led the design and implementation team, shared tips, best practices, and lessons learned in setting up an onboarding program.

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Competency Modeling in Performance Management

This session highlighted how identifying critical job competencies and using them to foster effective coaching sessions supports an authentic, open and honest relationship between staff and supervision. We showed you examples of a competency map including base and technical competencies, as well as rubrics used to guide coaching and help with performance planning.

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Louisiana Civil Service System - Establishing and Maintaining Good Government

A presentation on the history of Louisiana's civil service system. You learned how the demand for establishing and maintaining good government has fueled State Civil Service to progress through the decades. Where we have been is just as important as where we are going. Know the history and give your voice to the future!

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SCS Workforce Summit Photo Gallery

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Workforce Summit 2018 Video Recap

Relive highlights from the first State Civil Service Workforce Summit!

World Café

The World Café design creates an atmosphere that invites creativity while investing time to dig deeper into an important issue or problem. During the State Civil Service Workforce Summit, representatives from 50 state agencies came together to tackle the topic of retention and recruitment in state government. SCS is currently reviewing the information provided at the session in order to synthesize and prioritize the information and needs, and to determine next steps. SCS will reach out to its HR partners to collaborate on these steps at the appropriate time.

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Chat ‘n Chew

Summit attendees compiled changing workforce thoughts during Chat ‘n Chew using