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HR Handbook - Chapter 25: Training and Workforce Development

Chapter 25 Rule Reference

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Article X of the Louisiana State Constitution empowers SCS to require and provide employee training.

This chapter contains information on how such training may be created, who may and shall attend such training, and how training requirements are enforced. Additionally, this chapter clarifies the responsibility for establishing mandatory requirements as well as specific responsibilities of agency personnel.

HR Impact

While the responsibility of completing training requirements ultimately falls on the individual employee, agencies, and HR professionals in general, are required to notify employees of required training. HR professionals are often tasked by their agencies with tracking training requirements of agency employees, and as such, it will benefit HR professionals to know and understand these rules. Additionally, many agencies choose to create and require agency-specific training programs in addition to mandatory training requirements established by the SCS Director. HR professionals should understand the relationship between programs mandated by SCS and those mandated by an Appointing Authority, and should be able to answer questions of their employees related to these programs.

Rule-By-Rule Review

Rule 25.1 Provision of Training

This rule establishes the Comprehensive Public Training Program (CPTP) as the entity which provides in-service training designed to improve the supervisory, managerial, and other generally applicable skills and expertise of classified state employees.

(a) It also directs CPTP to use industry-acceptable tools to establish statewide benchmarks upon which to determine training content.

(b) The Director has the power to create and authorize policies and procedures which dictate how individual training records, course materials, and performance support materials will be maintained.

(c) The rule establishes classified state employees as the primary beneficiary of in-service training, but allows for the attendance of other public officials and employees so long as classified employees are not displaced.

(d) The provisions of this rule do not, however, preclude an agency from creating, maintaining, or requiring employees to attend specific training that is tailored to specific mission or needs of that agency.

Rule 25.2 Mandatory Training

(a) This rule clearly shows that the SCS Director has the authority to establish mandatory training for employees who occupy or are appointed to supervisory, managerial, or administrative jobs.

NOTE: For more information regarding CPTP’s mandatory supervisory training requirements, please see Job Aids and Resources: Mandatory Supervisory Training Requirements.

(b) Individual departments are responsible for advising applicable employees of training requirements.

(c) Employees who fail to meet the required training within the specified period of time may be disciplined or removed from their position in accordance with Chapter 12 of the Civil Service rules.

NOTE: Any disciplinary action taken against an employee due to non-compliance with training requirements must be issued in accordance with the rules and guidelines in Chapter 12 of the Civil Service Rules. Additionally, agency personnel should clearly articulate the requirements and associated impacts with employees, as to ensure a healthy respect for these mandatory programs.
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