SCS Restructure 2023

Effective March 20, 2023, State Civil Service implemented a new set of divisions focused on specific subject matters and functions. These divisions are aimed at delivering effective and efficient consultation to state agencies to better serve the needs of our stakeholders: agency leaders and human resources community.

State Civil Service previously implemented the PODS model – Proactively Optimizing and Delivering Strategic Solutions – in March 2019. The PODS model intended for routine civil service matters and proactive solutions to be processed in one single integrated unit. These single units, known as PODS, were aimed at dedicating a group of SCS professionals to learn each agency’s individual mission, vision, goals, and workplace culture. Shortly after implementation of the PODS model, the COVID-19 health pandemic took over the state and changed how many state agencies operate, both internally with employees and externally for the public.

With the change of operations for state agencies came the change in the needs of state agencies, the needs of the workforce, the needs of the labor market, and the needs of how work is performed for the state. In order to respond efficiently to the needs of state agencies, SCS has created four distinct divisions: Compensation, HR Program Support, Paper Agency Operations, and Talent Acquisition and Workforce Development. Under the new divisions, SCS abolished the PODS model.

New SCS Divisions