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Contracts for Services Approval Process

Civil Service Rule 3.1(o) requires the Director to review agencies’ proposed contracts for personal services to determine whether classified employees will be involuntarily displaced due to the personal service contract. If so, Rule 2.9(h) requires the Commission to approve the contract. In order to determine if a contract will involuntarily replace a classified employee, the Director has established the following procedures for agencies to submit their proposed contracts for review.

  • Contracts with a dollar value of $20,000 or less are exempted from review.
  • Contracts for certain specified services are also exempted by order of the Director as listed below.
  • For all other Contracts, the agency must complete a Contract Review:
    1. On the form, complete the box concerning contracting of state services and/or state personnel and sign the acknowledgment of the Commission’s authority on contracts.
    2. On the form, indicate whether the contract will result in one of the following conditions:
      1. Removal of duties or responsibilities from a classified employee.
      2. An agency employee determining the work hours, day to day duties or approving leave for the person who will perform the contractual services.
      3. If an employee will be involuntarily displaced from the classified service.
    3. If none of the conditions in the step above will apply, simply email the completed form to SCS will review your submittal and email the approved form back to you within two business days. This will serve as your agency’s official documentation that the contract has received SCS approval. Attach the approved form and the email accompanying it to the documentation you submit to the Office of Contractual Review.
    4. If any of the conditions listed in step (b) above apply, you must submit two copies of the proposed contract, along with the completed Contract Review form to the SCS Procurement Division. (You may be asked for additional information.)
    5. If the proposed contract will result in the involuntary displacement of classified employees, the Director will ask your agency to appear at a public meeting of the State Civil Service Commission to explain the proposal. Specifically, your agency will be asked to provide information describing:
      1. The business need/rationale for contracting the service.
      2. The economy and efficiency the state will realize through contracting the service.
      3. How many classified employees will be impacted by the contract?
      4. What provisions for alternate employment is being offered to those impacted employees?
    6. After approval by the Commission or the Director, a copy of the approved Contract Review form will be returned to you. Attach the approved form to the documentation you submit to the Office of Contractual Review.

Contract Review – Agency Request Form

Contract Review – Agency Request Form Instructions