About State Civil Service

State Civil Service is the central human resources agency for the state of Louisiana. We promote the understanding that the most critical factor in determining the success of Louisiana state government is its workforce. Our chief responsibility is to ensure the state is equipped with innovative workforce solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each state agency’s mission.

As both a regulatory and consultative agency, we provide systems and services that will enable state agencies to make merit-based, quality decisions regarding the hiring, development and retention of skilled and capable individuals.

Our policies are guided by the provisions of Article X of the Louisiana State Constitution and are implemented in a manner which is both efficient as possible and cost effective to the citizens of Louisiana. Such policies are founded upon the principles of equal pay for equal work, equal opportunity, ability based employment and promotion, and freedom from political influence.


To set the standard of excellence in providing strategic state government workforce solutions.


To provide merit-based, innovative workforce solutions which enable state government to attract, develop and retain a productive, diverse and engaged workforce that excels in delivering quality services to the citizens of Louisiana.

Agency Values

Integrity – We believe that there is nothing more important than our reputation. Integrity is at the core of everything we do. We are honest and ethical because trust is key to the relationships with our stakeholders.

Customer Commitment – We acknowledge every stakeholder as a customer. We are committed to anticipating their needs and proactively defining solutions.

Innovation – We believe in building a strong workforce. We embrace the discovery of what is possible and shape opportunities that enable action, even if it involves risk and failure.

Accountability – We take responsibility for our actions as individuals, as team members and as an organization. We work together, support one another and never let the customers or our co-workers down.