Employee Relations - Contracts Exempt From Civil Service Approval

DCFS - Office of Community Services (OCS)


  1. Develop and implement a recruitment plan to recruit foster and adoptive families for the children in DCFS's care.      06/18/99
  2. Provide preventive counseling services to families at risk for child abuse or neglect.      06/18/99
  3. Provide trained volunteers to teach parenting skills to at-risk mothers who are still in the hospital and are experiencing stress and/or difficulty coping.      06/18/99
  4. Parent support programs and public education to prevent child abuse and neglect. These educational campaigns are designed to teach individuals and communities about child abuse and their role in its prevention.      06/18/99
  5. FINS - Provide a comprehensive family-systems approach to addressing social needs to juvenile offenders and their families. Services provided by judges or courts.      06/18/99
  6. Provide psychological services for children referred to OCS as suspected victims of child abuse or neglect.      06/18/99
  7. Provide training for the investigation and judicial aspects of child abuse and neglect.      06/18/99