Employee Relations - Contracts Exempt From Civil Service Approval

LDH - Office of Public Health (OPH)


  1. Physician (M.D.) services.
  2. Provide special supplemental foods to Women, Infants and Children (WIC Program) in different parishes due to lack of space and staff at local health units.
  3. Provide STD (syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia) screening and treatment services for inmates.
  4. Provide HIV prevention services. Also, professional services to administer the DHH-OPH-HIV/AIDS Program and to plan and implement a statewide prevention program.
  5. Accredited colleges or universities to provide student interns for many OPH programs.
  6. Outpatient clinical services for children enrolled in Children's Special Health Services and diagnostic tests on an outpatient basis to children with or suspected of having cystic fibrosis.
  7. Provide sexually transmitted disease screening and treatment and HIV counseling and testing services to patients and OPH patient referrals at Planned Parenthood of Louisiana, Inc.
  8. Continue the operation of the La. Comprehensive Hemophilia Care Center to provide specialized medical services to those with a genetic coagulation disorder.
  9. Provide technical training to OPH staff in nurse home visiting and assessment of psychological issues for children from birth to five years.
  10. M.D. services provided by medical centers and hospitals, regardless of cost.
  11. Transfer and subsequent in-patient care of tuberculosis patients who fail to respond to out-patient therapy.
  12. Oral surgery services and inpatient care relative to cleft palate and to provide the dental and clerical staff to Children's Special Health Services.
  13. Provide comprehensive primary care and preventive health services to students registered in school health centers are various elementary, middle and high schools throughout the state.
  14. Provide home-based care services to eligible HIV-infected clients in the different regions at a physician's order.
  15. Provide hospice services at home to eligible HIV-infected clients in the different regions at a physician's order.
  16. Provide families of children who are receiving services through the various regional Children's Special Health Services with information and support to parent children with special needs and to foster positive attitudes.
  17. Provide Ryan White C.A.R.E. Act services to improve the quality, availability, and organization of health care and support services for eligible persons and families living with HIV infection.
  18. Provide community health outreach workers, clinic coordinators, and other support services to health care centers in various elementary, middle and secondary schools throughout the state.
  19. Recruit, train, schedule, and supervise crisis line volunteers; crisis line counseling; thousands of hours of community education; and courtroom advocacy to sexual assualt survivors.
  20. Annual campaign to vaccinate dogs and cats against rabies. 8/12/88
  21. Provide a sickle cell patient service system that includes regular operation of sickle cell clinics at Tulane Medical Center, MCLNO and the LSU Medical Center at Shreveport.
  22. Provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language pathology services to children referred by and enrolled in OPH's Children's Special Health Services.
  23. Provide for arrestees entering the East Baton Rouge Parish prison system STD screening diagnosis, treatment, and condom education.
  24. Reduce the rate of child abuse in La. by promoting parenting education and support through a toll-free HELP LINE which provides counseling and information and referral to parents calling for assistance.
  25. Provide Sentinel Surveillance for Variant and Drug Resistance Strains (SSVRS Study) of HIV.
  26. Provide general environmental epidemiological consulting services to the Section of Environmental Epidemiology and Toxicology (SEET).
  27. Provide physician recruitment efforts aimed at increasing the number of primary care physicians serving indigent and medically under served populations.
  28. Establish a comprehensive lead surveillance system to determine the extent of lead toxicity problem in each parish.
  29. Contracts to help assure safe drinking water, as follows:
    1. Provide the Safe Drinking Water Program with emergency response, toxicological information resources, drinking water data management, and long-term data analysis and research
    2. To jointly implement the U.S. EPA's Composite Correction Program (CCP) for water treatment plants throughout the state
    3. To develop a source water assessment and protection program to protect safe drinking water through the identification of potential sources inthe vicinity of public drinking water sources
    4. To provide a circuit rider to make on-site assistance visits to small water system, training, reports and end-of-year reports
    5. To provide low interest loans to public water systems for infrastructure upgrades to aid in complying with federal and state regulations on drinking water activities
  30. Part-time pharmacy services.
  31. Provide patient tracking services of sickle cell patients and supportive services such as counseling affected families on sickle cell traits and performing follow-up on sickle cell patients as directed by medical personnel