Training - Compliance Courses

DSCS Workplace Harassment - WBT

This course establishes the department’s policy on prohibition against harassment, sexual harassment, and discrimination. Upon completion of this course, you should recognize engagement by any State Civil Service employee in any form of sexual harassment, intimidation or unlawful discrimination is strictly prohibited and will subject the employee to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Interaction with Inmates - WBT

This course defines the responsibilities and procedures of employees in regards to employee interaction with prison inmates. Upon completion of this course, you should understand the utilization of prison inmates, be aware of your responsibility as an employee, and be able to recognize prohibited inmate behavior.

Preventing Sexual Harassment - WBT

This course provides learners with information on how to identify, prevent, and report sexual harassment that occurs in the workplace. It is intended to meet the requirements of 2012 Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 107. It must be completed each calendar year.