Employee Relations - Contracts Exempt From Civil Service Approval

Public Safety, Corrections, and Juvenile Justice
  1. To provide veterinary services on a part-time, as-needed basis.      8/12/88
  2. Only the contracts that provide social services/professional services through corporations (Individual contracts must still be submitted to Civil Service.)      8/19/92
  3. Provide medical services by M.D.'s to inmate populations at the prisons to include orthopedists, gynecologists, radiologists, internists, psychiatrists, neurologists, opthamologists, to perform autopsies on inmates, etc. (must be licensed M.D.)      6/11/99
  4. Provide psychological testing/services at the prisons. All of these contractors are either psychologists or psychiatrists.      6/11/99
  5. Provide parenting skills, educational/training services (e.g., living skills) to male and female juveniles.      6/11/99
  6. Provide chaplaincy services to prisons.      6/11/99
  7. Provide pharmaceutical services to the prisons.      6/11/99
  8. Provide x-ray technicians for inmates.      6/11/99
  9. Provide a comprehensive program of care and treatment of each juvenile referred to group homes.      6/11/99
  10. Provide medical laboratory services for the inmate populations.      6/11/99
  11. Provide veterinary services for the entire livestock operations at the prisons.      6/11/99
  12. Provide architect services to Prison Enterprises.      6/11/99
  13. Provide physician services to LSP to develop and implement training programs for EMT personnel.      6/11/99
  14. Provide services of practitioners of physical therapy to inmates.      6/11/99
  15. Provide a structured behavioral treatment program which services juveniles who have been adjudicated delinquent or in need of services in a professionally staffed residential environment (group homes) twenty-four hours a day.      6/11/99
  16. Provide pre-release/aftercare program for alcohol and drug treatment for the Department of Corrections.      6/11/99
  17. Provide halfway house beds to inmates released for the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program at Hunt Correctional Center.      6/11/99
  18. Provide optometrist services to inmates      6/11/99
  19. Provide dental treatment and oral surgery to inmates.      6/11/99
  20. Provide deaf interpreters (sign language).      6/11/99
  21. Forestry consultants for timber management for the trees on prison grounds (regarding sale of timber, its replanting, etc.)      6/11/99