Employee Relations - Contracts Exempt From Civil Service Approval

Office of the Governor
  1. CDBG contracts funded by federal grants from HUD with LA local governments:
    1. To conduct local environmental studies required to release HUD grant funds;
    2. For community development plans for local areas as a condition of HUD funding.      2/17/99
  2. DOA Facility Planning
    1. Design professionals engaged in connection with designated capital outlay projects.      7/27/79
    2. Site inspection services at state-owned buildings.      2/17/99
  3. GOVERNOR'S SAFE AND DRUG-FREE SCHOOLS AND COMMUNITIES PROGRAM - Subgrants that provide flow-through funding from the federal government through the program to local entities for:
    1. Community drug and violence prevention programs and activities, and
    2. Law enforcement education partnerships.      12/02/99
    1. Contracts with non-profit organizations, Planning Consultants, Private Consultants for Headstart Program and for specialized services requested from Community Action Agencies.      9/17/80
    1. Community-based project contracts with local schools, churches and governmental entities to design, coordinate and implement the abstinence message to reduce out-of-wedlock births and sexually transmitted diseases.
    2. Grassroots campaign contracts with churches and ministries to bring the abstinence message to all La. parishes.      03/27/00
    3. Contract with a college to promote the abstinence message.      03/27/00
    4. Pilot contract with a La. parish under 25,000 residents to promote abstinence.      03/27/00
    5. Clearinghouse center contract whose main purpose is to maintain an internet website to promote abstinence throughout La.      03/27/00
    6. Professional service contracts to raise public awareness of abstinence through networking within the religious and medical communities and high schools and college athletes throughout the state.      03/27/00