Employee Relations - Contracts Exempt From Civil Service Approval

Department of Education

  1. For teacher assessments and assessment training for the La Teacher Assessment Program for New Teachers.      3/9/98
  2. Government contracts with parish school systems to provide at-risk 4-yr old children with full-day preschool programs.      3/9/98
  3. Social services contracts with various churches and organizations to provide after-school tutorial services.      3/9/98
  4. Contracts with Parish school boards and colleges/universities to operate Home Instruction Program for Pre-School Youngsters (HIPPY).      02/17/99
  5. Contracts with Parish school boards and colleges/universities to act as fiscal agents for regional service centers (RSC).      02/17/99
  6. Cooperative Endeavor Agreements for:      09/30/99
    1. New Orleans Drug Education Intervention Program that provides one-on-one tutoring and homework instruction for students in basic skills, critical thinking, and homework.
    2. New Orleans YMCA Literacy to help YMCA's Goodwill Industries acquire a better understanding of the state of literacy in La., analyze local literacy conditions and existing services.
    3. Serenity 67 Program to provide skills that enable clients to achieve a higher level of self-sufficent independence and employability.
    4. Central City Adult Education Program to provide a basic education and GED preparation program.
    5. North Baton Rouge Tutorial Program to purchase additional materials and supplies and to upgrade computer software and hardware for the tutorial needs of at-risk young people who may be able to receive tutorial services.
    6. 12th Ward Save OUr Community - Milan Reading Center - To complement the existing educational system, assist teachers, involve the community and motivate students.
    7. Volunteer Instuctors Teaching Adults "VITA" - To promote literacy in Lafayette Parish and surrounding parishes by providing tutoring services free of charge to undereducated adults.
    8. G.T. Services, Inc. - Provided services aimed at improving youth academic success on standardized tests via ACT study sessions and tutoring.
    9. Governor's Program for Gifted Children - Six-week residential program for talented/gifted students in grades 6-10.
    10. Spanish Arts Program - To provide classes in Spanish as a second language, theater, broadcasting, voice, and dancing to community members in the greater New Orleans Metropolitan area.
    11. CARE Unlimited, Inc. - Bridge Program - Provide continuing education to teenagers who are at risk of disrupting or discontinuing their education to give birth.
    12. Very Special Arts Program - Provide additional art programs.
    13. Lincoln Parish School Board Job Skills Program - Establish, build and operate a public alternative school for at-risk youth known as the Lincoln Parish Career Center Alternative School Program.
    14. Natchitoches Parish School Board Job Skills Program - To provide salaries and benefits for two teachers and one paraprofessional at the Natchitoches Alternative School. Remaining funds are used to buy supplies and equipment.
    15. Avoyelles Parish School Board Ag Science Regional Pilot Program - Startup costs for the La. High School for Agricultural Science, a regional pilot program for six school systems, for teacher training, books, supplies, curriculum development and other expenses.
    16. LSU - La. State Youth Opportunities Unlimited (LSYOU) - To continue, update and expand the services of La. State Youth Opportunities Unlimited Program with an emphasis on research, replication, update technology and mentoring.
    17. Future's Foundation - Student referral program for students suspended from Caddo Parish school system.
    18. Tri-Communities, Inc. - Teachers/tutors and assistants to assist students in daily review and completion of homework assignments and other activities. Operated five days a week, including a summer enrichment program.
    19. TANF cooperative endeavors and social service contracts for after school programs for at-risk students.
  7. INCLASS Assistance Program awarded for the LA Quality Education Support Fund - 8(g).      07/06/00