Employee Relations - Contracts Exempt From Civil Service Approval

Economic Development
  1. To provide production skills training to local citizens as part of an inducement to a manufacturer to locate or expand its facilities in the state.      8/12/88
  2. To provide counsel, develop shooting schedules and to collaborate in the production of a training video program for local citizens.      8/12/88
  3. With lead contractor chosen by each Louisiana Regional Economic Development Alliance, provided:      12/27/91
    1. Reports supplied on all contracts and subcontracts;
    2. Contract or subcontract with single contractor of $75,000 or more must be submitted for Civil Service approval; and
    3. Reports of all LREDA's supplied each fiscal year.
  4. Cooperative Endeavor Agreements for:      01/05/98
    1. Economic Developmand Award Agreements: Financing publicly-owned infrastructures for industrial or business development projects that promote economic development.
    2. Workforce Development and Training Agreements: Develop and provide customized workforce training programs to existing and prospective Louisiana businesses.
    3. Agreements which are appropriation specific and for which funds are used for the following:
      1. infrastructure,
      2. sporting events - funds to assist in the cost of sporting events and promotion of LA,
      3. operational costs for non-profit organizations and/or economic development organizations,
      4. economic development organizations (non-profit) that provide specific economic development assistance in the expansion of existing businesses or creation of new businesses or in technology based initiatives.
    4. Miscellaneous agreements: Joint endeavors for hosting and/or participating in receptions, conferences, and trade shows.
  5. To provide social services and personal services contracts relative to the Louisiana FastStart program, with individual values less than $250,000 within a twelve (12) month period.      1/28/10