Employee Relations - Contracts Exempt From Civil Service Approval

LDH - Office of Behavioral Health (OBH)


  1. Physician (M.D.) services at $75,000 a year or less.
  2. Part-time chaplains.
  3. Part-time pharmacists.
  4. Psychiatric M.D. services.
  5. Part-time speech therapists.
  6. Part-time physical therapists.
  7. Supported living services.
  8. Drop-In Center services - administering it, fiscal services, getting consumer volunteers, etc.
  9. Contracts for a variety of medical services provided by accredited universities.
  10. M.D. services provided by the staffs of medical centers and hospitals, regardless of cost.
  11. "Wrap-around" services/interventions such as household maintenance, transportation, health and money management, community integration, etc.
  12. In-home crisis intervention services.
  13. To meet the initial, temporary, or emergency needs of the seriously mentally ill to enable them to continue living in communities.
  14. Project LIFE support services, which are intensive support services within the community for adults with serious and persistent mental illness in the various LDH regions.
  15. Funding to maintain and secure housing for the mentally ill.
  16. Compeer coordination and for the recruitment and training of Compeers.
  17. Respite services for families of the mentally ill.
  18. Family support sessions for anger resolution.
  19. Services to prevent out-of-home placement and to avoid hospitalization of the mentally ill so that they can remain in the community.
  20. To provide off-duty police officers to assist with the seriously mentally ill adults and youth who become hostile or violent.