Employee Relations - Contracts Exempt From Civil Service Approval

LDH - Office of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (OCDD)


  1. Physician (M.D.) services.
  2. Provide someone to sit in the hospital on an as-needed basis when a resident of a developmental center is hospitalized.
  3. Provide speech, hearing and language services to the residents of developmental centers and to the residents of the community homes operated by developmental centers.
  4. Provide personal care attendant services for individuals in order to assist their families in caring for them in the family homes.
  5. Provide personal support coordination to assist persons with developmental disabilities and their families in building their capacity to make informed choices about supports they need and prefer and to access these supports.
  6. For the project "Home of My Own" to demonstrate best practices in assisting persons with developmental disabilities in becoming home owners.
  7. Provide respite care services to persons with developmental disabilities.
  8. Provide for ongoing needs of those residing in supported living arrangements and/or individualized needs of consumers to enhance community living.
  9. Provide prevocational and vocational training and services as required by Title XIX and 42 CFR 483.430, Health Care Fin. Admin. - Interpretation Guidelines for Intermediate Care for Persons with Mental Retardation.
  10. Provide therapeutic horseback riding to selected clients at developmental centers to facilitate relaxation and improve muscle coordination.
  11. Provide a curator or continuing tutor for adults with developmental disabilities in Louisiana who are in need of full or limited interdiction or continuing tutorship.
  12. To conduct the Louisiana Special Olympics Programs for persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities.
  13. To train state personnel in implementing principles of self-determination as a planning tool for the delivery of services to persons with developmental disabilities.
  14. Provide coordination of donated dental services (educational, preventive, and corrective) to MR/DD-eligible persons in OCDD Regions.
  15. Provide short-term, emergency needs and ongoing needs of persons with developmental disabilities living in the community.
  16. Provide short-term, on-site training and technical assistance to OCDD staff and service providers across the state.
  17. Provide fiscal intermediary services for persons with developmental disabilities.
  18. Provide developmental centers with M.D. consultation and expertise inthe area of infectious disease control.
  19. For Ph.D.s or M.D.s to schedule and perform psychological evaluations/updates on persons identified by OCDD Community Services or for clients in developmental centers.
  20. Provide an array of support services, including information and referral, peer-to-peer support, and sibling support groups to families of developmentally disabled persons.
  21. Provide continuation of a training curriculum that began in January, 1998 for a group of Resident Trainers at Pinecrest Developmental Center.
  22. Provide services of licensed Physical Therapists at developmental centers.
  23. Provide EEG tech services to the client populations at developmental centers under the general direction of the Medical Directors.
  24. Provide professional occupational therapy services to clients referred from developmental centers.
  25. To serve as Job Coach for pre-vocational training and services involving persons with disabilities.
  26. Provide part-time qualified dietician services at developmental centers.
  27. Provide qualified pharmacy consultation services including review and documentation of monthly drug regimen and inservice training as needed at developmental centers.
  28. Provide staff training through behavioral review committees as well as formal and informal instructions at developmental centers.
  29. Provide mortality reviews comprised of several days each by joint physician/registered nurse teams with written reports and recommendations for developmental centers.
  30. Provide family-oriented, center-based or home-based services to infants.
  31. Provide respiratory therapy assessment and treatment services to developmental center persons in need of those services.
  32. Provide comprehensive dental services to developmental center clients.
  33. Provide professional radiology services at the developmental centers.
  34. Provide child-oriented, facility-based/nursing home services; family-oriented, center-based and home-based services; integrated and mainstreamed day care services to infants, toddlers and their families.
  35. Provide 24-hour per day residential care services to developmentally disabled persons.
  36. For an M.D. to provide neurological evaluation services for the clients residing in developmental centers.
  37. Provide an M.D. to serve as Medical Director of a developmental center.