Employee Relations - Contracts Exempt From Civil Service Approval

LDH - Office of Addictive Disorders (OAD)


  1. Participation in activities of the SYNAR initiative program to reduce the sale of tobacco to minors.
  2. To operate the 24-hour toll-free telephone service to aid compulsive gamblers.
  3. To provide alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse prevention/education activities for youth, including developing and training mentors for children.
  4. To provide short-term intensive crisis intervention services and/or after hours, weekend and holiday crisis services.
  5. To provide residential treatment for compulsive gamblers.
  6. To provide a community-based alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse program which includes dissemination of information and/or substance abuse prevention education.
  7. To provide HIV counseling/testing phlebotomy services in outpatient facilities.
  8. Contracts funded by money attained by working with drug courts to provide outpatient treatment services and vocational rehabilitation for nonviolent offenders or to juveniles and their families.
  9. To implement the "Social Bonding Model" of drug prevention with children.
  10. To provide residential inpatient alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs.
  11. To provide rental payment for those addicted to alcohol and drugs.
  12. To provide community-based half-way house rehabilitation programs, including room and board, for recovering substance abusers.
  13. To provide outpatient treatment for compulsive gamblers.
  14. To provide curricula and/or provide training for substance abuse professionals, substance abusers and/or their families, and the community/public.
  15. To provide substance abuse treatment and testing services for inmates of parish and state prisons.
  16. To assist established state alcohol and drug abuse centers by providing certain tests for drugs or any tests as ordered by a physician.
  17. To provide interpreters for deaf clients of the Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse.
  18. To provide detoxification treatment services and social detoxification services.
  19. To provide residential supervised independent living programs for substance abusers.
  20. To provide intensive and non-intensive outpatient counseling to youth and/or clients suffering effects of drug abuse.
  21. To provide medical professionals for medical detoxification.
  22. To provide employment preparation classes and workshops.
  23. To provide summer camp and/or after school day care tutoring and/or organized recreation for children and youth.
  24. To provide 24-hour on-call licensed clinicians during after hours, weekends, and holidays.
  25. To provide or administer a drop-in referral drug prevention center.
  26. To provide outpatient Methadone maintenance and detoxification services for narcotic addicts.