Employee Relations - Contracts Exempt From Civil Service Approval

  1. Any contract with a maximum amount payable of not more than $20,000 for the fiscal year.
  2. Interagency agreements involving only fund transfers.
  3. Training contracts and workshops for a period of thirty days or less.
  4. Medical contracts for amounts not exceeding $30,000 for physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, dentists, veterinarians, occupational therapists and physical therapists.
  5. Legal and claims investigation contracts with the Office of Risk Management.
  6. JTPA contracts.
  7. Actuaries.
  8. Architects.
  9. Entertainers.
  10. Guest lecturers.
  11. Expert witnesses.
  12. Services needed during a crisis situation such as loss of accreditation of a state hospital; imminent loss of life and certain hazardous environment situations.
  13. Services performed by an independent contractor with no employer-employee relationship for work of limited duration (6 months or less) with a specific end date at which time the contractor delivers an end product, leaves the premises, and does not return.
  14. Custodial or security guard services for a leased building or office space provided the contract will not cause need for a layoff.
  15. Transcription services for an agency conducting hearings upon which hearing officers must depend in order to review cases and issue opinions.
  16. Education consultants and research contracts from the Board of Regents.
  17. Performance-based energy efficiency contracts.      12/07/93
  18. Underwriter contracts for bond issuance.      8/26/96
  19. Information technology Consulting and Support Services Contracts (CSSC) entered into through the Consulting and Support Services Agreement (CSSA), except when contract would or could result in the replacement of one or more classified employees. (If the contract agreement would or could result in the replacement of classified employees, the Contract Review Questionnaire must be completed and submitted to the Director of State Civil Service, along with the proposed contract.)      2/17/03
  20. Incumbent Worker Training Program contracts to provide job skills training for employees of Louisiana-based companies.
  21. Contract amendments except those that raise the cost of the contract.