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About State Civil Service

Louisiana State Civil Service is the central personnel agency for the state of Louisiana. Our goal is to help state agencies manage their human resources so that they may provide the most effective service to the citizens of Louisiana. In pursuit of this goal, we administer a comprehensive merit-based personnel management program. Our policies are founded upon the principles of equal pay for equal work, equal opportunity, ability based employment and promotion, and freedom from political influence. State Civil Service is established by Article X in the Louisiana State Constitution.


To be recognized by user agencies as a leader and partner in the management of human resources.


To provide human resource services and programs that enable state government to attract, develop and retain a productive and diverse workforce that excels in delivering quality services to the citizens of Louisiana.


It is the responsibility of the Louisiana State Civil Service to provide the systems and services that will enable the agencies of Louisiana state government to make merit-based, quality decisions regarding the hiring, training and retaining of those skilled and capable individuals who are essential to providing cost effective, quality services to Louisiana's citizens. The Department shall provide services in an efficient and courteous manner and shall foster work practices that ensure that classified employees work in an environment where excellence and productivity are encouraged and recognized.

Agency Values

Accountability — SCS Employees are responsible for ensuring our own performance and work team results contribute to success and surpassing the performance goals of our agency and state.

Communication — We endeavor to provide complete, accurate, timely and up-to-date information to our clients, co-workers and other constituents.

Customer Focus — We strive to understand and anticipate customer needs and constantly focus on delivering products and services of the highest quality in a timely manner.

Innovation — We encourage the acquisition of new skills, thoughtful risk taking, openness and receptiveness to change.

Respect — We value individual contributions, treat others with dignity and assume positive intent in everyone.

Teamwork — We support each other, blend our diverse talents and backgrounds and willingly share information and resources.